Sharing Hope in Crisis Student Training

Course Lessons

Lesson 1: When Crisis Happens
This session will help us understand that a traumatic event can affect the way people see or understand things. When we understand that a crisis can alter perspective, we can adjust our response to people. We will look at suffering and trauma from a clinical and biblical viewpoint.

Lesson 2: Good News
When life hurts, it doesn’t matter what the brand is on our shoes–what matters is what is true and authentic. In this session we will find out how to share the Gospel in a way that brings hope, not more pain or guilt to someone.

Lesson 3: Good Communication
When used correctly, questions and good listening skills can play a huge role in helping others. Knowing what a person is going through helps us know how to respond well.

Lesson 4: Sharing Hope
Sometimes we mean well, but still say or do the wrong things. We will learn some right things to say and do. We will also practice the things we have learned so we get a sense of what it feels like to help someone.