Sharing Hope in Crisis

Course Lessons

Lesson 1 — Mission to Respond
Examines the reality that God’s people are called to be ministers of hope as friends and neighbors struggle with the challenges of life.

Lesson 2 — Look at Suffering
Presents the biblical truth of God’s love and His goodness—even when we ask the “why” questions in a world of pain and suffering.

Lesson 3 — Trauma
Explores the symptoms and effects of trauma to better understand how to care for someone who is suffering.

Lesson 4 — Message to Share
Provides practical instruction for being prepared to appropriately share God’s hope in all circumstances.

Lesson 5 — Community
Encourages God’s people to not compromise their faith when ministering His love to followers of another faith

Lesson 6 — Communication Process
Presents practical tools and techniques for asking questions, listening well, and building trust when communicating with others.

Lesson 7 — Ministry of Hope
Explores the personal world of grief with practical and appropriate responses while providing support and care.

Lesson 8 — Words of Help, Not Harm
Emphasizes the importance of listening and asking good questions and discusses the difference between using “words that help” rather than “words that harm.”