The Lost Secrets of Powerful Lives

Course Lessons

Lesson 1 — God’s Incredibles
Every superhero has at least one major weapon at their disposal. In this lesson, you will learn the secret power every Christian has—the same one the believers used in the book of Acts to turn their world right-side up!

Lesson 2 — Match in Your Tank, Dispatcher in Your Soul
Separately, the ingredients in most explosives are inert—but when they are combined in just the right measure, with just the right detonator, the results can be dynamite! This lesson explores the secret power available to the early Christians and to you to really shake the world.

Lesson 3 — The Master’s Marines
“Aim at nothing, and you’ll hit it every time.” Imagine this statement being the rallying cry for a sports team, a company, or a branch of the military. It would never fit, because they always have a purpose and a plan to achieve something, not nothing. This lesson will help you understand what the early Christians knew: Your mission is not a secret—your secret is your mission!

Lesson 4 — Living Outside the Box
Major car manufacturers are racing to develop self-driving cars. The technology and know-how already exists to take you where you want to go with no hands on the wheel. Developers, however, cannot overcome one small problem: fear. People don’t like to feel out of control. This lesson will help you learn the secret of letting go and letting Someone else take you where you truly need to go!