Course Outline

Lesson 1—The Effective Christian Life

Explores biblical principles for living a life that pleases God, the preeminence of the Bible, and reliance on God’s power for effective service.

Lesson 2—The Victorious Christian Life

Examines the reality of our daily walk with God and presents God’s provisions for it.  The result is an abundant life walking with Him, victorious over both temptation and adversity.

Lesson 3—The Christian’s Witness

Shows how our lives, yielded to God, can be a powerful witness to others. Practical tips for an effective witness are presented.

Lesson 4—Follow Up and Care of New Christians

Presents the concept of friendship evangelism and shares practical ways we can follow up with those we lead to Christ.

Lesson 5—Discovery Group Training

Training in the principles of leading new believers in discovering the basics of God’s Word.

In addition to the easy-to-follow lesson presentations, assignments deepen the learning experience.  Course participants complete short Bible study, memorize key Bible verses and submit discussion forum posts.  This comprehensive approach deepens the Christian faith of participants in a self-paced learning environment.