Back to the Basics

Course Lessons

Lesson 1 — Biblical Doctrine and the Scriptures
Illustrates the importance of doctrine and the role of Scripture in a Christian’s life.

Lesson 2 — The Trinity: God the Father
Explores the mystery of the Trinity and the attributes of God the Father.

Lesson 3 — The Trinity: God the Son
Examines the attributes, person, and ministry of God the Son within the doctrine of the Trinity.

Lesson 4 — The Trinity: God the Holy Spirit
Presents the attributes, person, and ministry of the Holy Spirit as the third person of the Trinity.

Lesson 5 — The Church
Introduces the Biblical foundations of the church, including its purpose, forms, and requirements for leadership.

Lesson 6 — Salvation
Emphasizes the importance of salvation as a core doctrine in the Christian faith.

Lesson 7 — Biblical Practice: Discipleship/Worship/Prayer
Takes an in-depth look at the spiritual disciplines essential for a believer in Jesus Christ.

Lesson 8 — Biblical Practice: Family/Evangelism/Bible Study
Demonstrates how to put beliefs into practice through family life, evangelism, and Bible study.